Cafe Trio – Brunch in the Mountains – Restaurant Review!

Outside the cafe
Cafe Trio

A bright, sunny Sunday morning can be one of my favorite things.

Being with friends or that special someone is even better on a Sunday morning. What makes both of these better? Brunch at Cafe Trio.

Cafe Trio is a hip place in downtown Salt Lake City that serves fresh Italian food. They cater to the people in the valley that value quality over quantity. Their pizzas are thin but delicious. Pasta dishes at Cafe Trio tend to be small but incredibly good.

For the average person, this may not seem like you are getting your money’s worth. The chefs at Cafe Trio do not seem to care since a quick search on recent reviews have mentioned this same thing. Since this is the mentality, you should take that into consideration when you eat here.

Cafe Trio has a relatively clear focus on their food.

The wood fired pizza is high-quality, the “Trio Meatball” is everything I expect from spaghetti and meatballs, and their “Tollhouse Tart” was the best thing I ate that night. Just for my meal alone, it came to $30 after you tack on a glass of wine. Not a bad price!

Had I not ordered the most substantial item on the menu, I likely would have left hungry. My friend got the fettuccini for $3 more and was not satisfied after the meal. He ate a bunch of chips and salsa later on. As a word of advice to people reading this review, I will say it again. This is a restaurant that values quality over quantity!

Caramel Apple Pancakes
Caramel Apple Pancakes with Maple Syrup

Dinner service was great but in all honesty, not enough for me to warrant a review of this place.

They seemed to be on the ball with making me feel waited on but there are probably quite a few other restaurants in town that have better dinner quality and service for this price. The reason I mentioned it is because most restaurants are not perfect. They have flaws just like human beings. Try to keep that in mind when you are reading any bad review online. I decided to give Cafe Trio another chance.

Peach Sparkling Wine

Cafe Trio’s brunch was what really put them above the competition.

Cafe Trio’s brunch was one of the best brunch experiences I have had in the Salt Lake Valley. When we first arrived, the outside deck was open. This gave us an opportunity to bask in the spring heat. Turns out, unless you have a little bit of shade, this is not the most pleasurable experiences. All the tables with shade were taken so the staff kindly let us switch tables inside the restaurant.

Coffee at La Barba
La Barba Coffee

First order of business, coffee and drinks.

I just got water and coffee. The person I was with had a Bellini, a refreshing sparkling peach wine. The coffee was by far the best I have had in Salt Lake City, if not the world. The waiter explained that they get their coffee exclusively from a small batch roaster and distributor in the area. Keep it local!

Every weekend, the kitchen comes up with a new specialty pancake. Naturally, I had to order this. The special pancake that weekend was caramel apple pancakes with real apples and some warm maple syrup. My friend ordered their special for the day, a middle eastern tomato and red pepper stew with poached eggs called “Shakshouka”. Cafe Trio’s version also contained lamb and potatoes to make it a bit more substantial. It also came with some grilled sourdough toast.

Lamb, potato, pepper stew with toast and egg

The server had executed his job above and beyond what I expected.

He even went to the back-of-the-house to ask the chef exactly how to spell “shakshouka” for me. Free refills of coffee made sure that my cup was never empty (though I don’t know how he kept up after my fourth cup) and my water was never dry.

As we walked to our car, I noticed how well-maintained and beautiful the grounds were. This is a testament to the owner’s ability to keep the little things in check. The atmosphere was helped by the fact that it was spring time. Also, all the trees in the area were sprouting flowers.

Eating Shakshouka
Shakshouka being eaten

If you get a chance, make sure you make time for brunch at Cafe Trio. Get some of Cafe Trio’s awesome coffee supplied by La Barba Coffee. Go ahead. You can thank me later.

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