Peruvian Food – My Top 5 Must Try Dishes!

Peru Foods

Are you planning a trip to Peru? Here is a great infographic about my top five must-try Peruvian food!

Here’s a run down on all of them:


Probably the most famous dish to come out of Peru, this dish of raw fish cooked in acidic juice (like lemon juice) has spread throughout the world. Mexicans, Spanish, and even other South American countries have adopted Ceviche as their own. The original was made in Peru, though. Ceviche can be made with any seafood but the classic version is with a white fish, pickled onions, and some spices.

Peruvian CevicheAji De Gallina

A lesser-known national dish consisting of a yellow pepper sauce and shredded chicken. It is usually served with potatoes, rice, salty olives, and 1/2 boiled egg. This is such a simple dish but some of the simplest dishes are the best (see ceviche) and this dish is by far my favorite of all the Peruvian foods.Aji De GallinaPollo a la Brasa

In America, this is called “rotisserie” or “blackened” chicken. This dish originated on the streets of Lima, Peru and has also spread in popularity across the world. Pollo a la Brasas have become almost a past time for Peruvians. Many locals will spend hours at their preferred chicken rotisserie restaurant and the country of Peru has even created a national holiday around the dish.Pollo a la Brasa-Peruvian FoodPapas Rellenas

The idea of potato fritters did not originate in Peru. In a country with more than 3,000 potato varieties, it came as no surprise that this dish quickly became a favorite among Peruvian food. I have had other potato fritters from many different countries but my favorite is still the Peruvian Papas Rellenas. They usually use their golden potato variety and stuff it with olives, meat, garlic, and a few other choice items that are native to Peruvian food.Papas Rellenas-Peruvian FoodCancha Serrana

Cancha Serrana, or toasted corn kernels, is Peru’s favorite snack. Instead of a bowl of peanuts at a bar or complimentary tortilla chips at a restaurant, they have a bowl of salty cancha serrana. Each region has it’s own recipe so you can be assured to not get too bored with these crunchy corn kernels.Cancha Serrana-Peruvian FoodBONUS! Chicha Morad

Ok, chicha morada is not necessarily a food, but rather a beverage. This variety of purple corn juice steeped with clove, cinnamon, and other spices is a favorite on a hot day. If you are looking for more of an alcoholic option, Peruvians have chicha.

This is an alcoholic fermented corn beverage of choice among most locals. It is similar to chicha morada but usually is not purple and the alcoholic version is much more ingrained in most communities across Peru. Whichever way you go, both of these drinks are quintessential Peru.Chicha Morado


Do you have any other favorite Peruvian food that you think people should try while in Peru? Drop a comment below and I will comment on it if I tried that dish or not!

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